Industrial brushes serve a variety of purposes in virtually every business sector. 

Industrial Brush Types - Cylinder Wheel Brushes

From food and pharmaceutical products to material polishing, industrial brushes are critical to the speed, efficiency, and safety of many applications. Although they are often overlooked in industrial operations, quality brushes can make the difference when it comes to productivity and profitability.

At Cocker-Weber Brush Company, we pride ourselves on providing our industrial sector customers with exceptional industrial brushes for every purpose. We take an innovative approach to brush manufacturing, tailoring each of our brush designs to the changing needs of the industry. At the same time, we incorporate tried-and-true brush-making techniques and materials that have kept Cocker-Weber at the forefront of the industry for over a century. 

What are Industrial Brushes?

Industrial brushes consist of a core with bristles in a variety of shapes, including cylindrical, wheel, and flat configurations. They are specifically designed for industrial operations and should be an exact fit to the application for optimal performance. The size, shape, bristle material, mounting method, and core all vary widely depending on the intended use of the brush.  Industrial brushes should enhance your operations without applying undue pressure or compromising overall speed. 

Selecting Industrial Brushes

There are several factors to consider when selecting your industrial brushes, including service life, intended frequency of use, brush quality over time, and replacement options. Selecting the proper  brush will increase its longevity and ensure that it remains in good condition thoughout its lifespan. Other factors to consider include: 

  • Application Type: Consider the intended application, such as shielding, closing gaps, static dissipation, polishing, cleaning, and more.
  • Environment: Take into account the environment in which the brush will operate, including wet versus dry operations, chemical exposure, temperature fluctuations, and sunlight exposure. 
  • Operation Cycles: Calculate the amount of force and periods of operation that the brush will need to withstand. Heavy- and light-duty applications require significantly different brush needs. 
  • Physical Properties: Determine whether your application requires soft or aggressive brush bristles. 
  • Special Materials: Consider any special material and design requirements for compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Types of Industrial Brushes

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How to Select Industrial Brushes

Industrial brushes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different types of industrial brushes include: 

  • Cylinder Brushes: Cylinder brushes consist of a series of bristles arranged at a perpendicular angle around a cylindrical core. The core is designed with a hollow center to easily attach shafts and rods for industrial use. Suitable for produce washing to conveyor belt cleaning.
  • Strip Brushes: Strip brushes are designed with a flat, rectangular core with bristles attached to one side. They are available in narrow tufted strip designs or wider plate brushes. Ideal for arranging products without damaging them.
  • Wheel Brushes: Wheel brushes have a disc-shaped core with bristles attached to the narrow outer edge perpendicular to the disc’s rotation. They are ideal for narrow, focused brush applications. 
  • Cup Brushes: Cup brushes feature bristles on one side of a flat, disc-shaped core parallel to the rotating axis of the disc. Shorter bristles, or no bristles in the center give the cup brush its signature shape.
  • End Brushes: End brushes are shaped like cup brushes but without the shorter center bristles. Both end and cup brushes are used to access small spaces and crevices. 
  • Conveyor Cleaning: Specifically designed for conveyor applications, industrial conveyor cleaning brushes are available in both strip and cylindrical designs. They are used to remove a variety of solid or liquid materials from conveyor belts, rolls, and other equipment.

Industrial Brush Applications

Industrial brushes are critical to a variety of operations. Some of the most common applications include: 

Industrial Processes

  • Welding and Surface Preparation
  • Painting and Coating Application
  • Metal Deburring and Polishing
  • Paint, Coating, and Rust Removal 
  • Surface and Thread Cleaning
  • Surface Finishing 
  • Glass Polishing and Production

Industries Served

  • Agriculture Manufacturing
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Fabrication 
  • Packaging Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Printing Applications

Industrial Brushes from Cocker-Weber

Whether you need a conveyor brush for food processing or a small end brush for intricate detailing, Cocker-Weber has the solution for you! We offer a broad range of brush designs, from cylinder and wheel brushes to cup, end, disk, flat, strip, and plate brushes. For applications with special requirements, we also offer specialty and custom brushes to meet your particular needs. 

Visit our Industrial Brushes Page to learn more about our extensive selection. For more information on how our brushes can enhance your industrial operations, contact us today or request a quote