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Industrial brushes are often utilized to scour, buff, deburr, or coat different products and components in the manufacturing industry. Usually made of synthetic materials and natural fibers, these brushes can be applied to other purposes, including bakery and food processing.

Cocker-Weber Brush Company offers a broad spectrum of FDA-approved and food-grade industrial brushes that are safe and ideal for repetitive food contact.

Brush Applications for Bakery and Food Processing

Cocker-Weber Brush Company offers first-rate, customizable brushes that clients can use in diverse applications. Specifically, these brushes function to do the following:

  • Apply coating to help vegetables maintain their freshness
  • Clean conveyor belt debris
  • Separate ingredients from one another
  • Perform maintenance processes

Specifications and Materials Used

Before using industrial brushes for food processing and bakery, the materials used in the brushes should be FDA-approved so that no external substances from them could introduce toxins to food and other products for consumption. FDA-approved brushes entail that materials used are food-grade, and safe, and guarantee that repetitive food contact would not pose health threats or dangers to consumers.

Meanwhile, food-grade industrial brushes can be produced using different filaments like nylon, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), and other similar synthetics. These materials are known for their durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance, which are ideal for food industry applications.

Brushes for Bakery and Food Processing

At Cocker-Weber Brush Company, we produce various types of brushes for different industrial purposes. For bakery and food processing, the best types to use are tampico and nylon brushes.

Tampico Brushes

Made of rough fiber from Agave lechuguilla plant leaves, Tampico is a natural fiber that offers a wide range of features, including texture, length, and elasticity. In addition, this material is known for its high thermal and chemical resistance. It is also water-absorbent and keeps moisture effortlessly.

Nylon Brushes

Aside from being flexible, synthetic materials like nylon offer several other benefits. First, this material is readily available and less expensive than others. Nylon is also highly resistant to abrasion and most chemicals. Finally, it can be developed and designed for various applications — from heavy to light brushing.

Cylinder Brushes

Also called rotary brushes, cylinder brushes are long, tubular brushes installed and operated in machines and conveyors. These brushes are often used to sort, position, and clean items during food processing.

Premiere Bakery and Food Processing Brushes From Cocker-Weber

Cocker-Weber Brush Company efficiently utilizes its resources to design and manufacture high-quality industrial products to satisfy customer demands. Our capabilities allow us to devise, engineer, and restore brushes to solve issues that influence your productivity and profit margins!

Contact us today to design and build unique brushing and polishing tools for your business! You may also request information to inquire more about our products and services.