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Wheel Brushes jewelers polishing

Polishing Wheel Brushes: How to Choose the Best for Jewelers Polishing

  Wheel brushes allow manufacturers to create finishes that embellish the appearance of gems, metals, and other materials. These devices are valued by artisans and craftsmen for their ability to customize materials to fit their vision. Professionals can choose from a variety of wheel brushes and polishing wheels to achieve the look they want. For […]

Industrial cylinder brush - special trim

Industrial Cylinder Brushes: Applications and Materials

Cylinder brushes are typically mounted onto a shaft and spun using a motor. They can be made with denser filling materials or spiral-shaped materials to facilitate different types of product movement or brush intensity within a given application. These brushes go by many names, including: Rotary brushes Wound brushes Spiral brushes Coil brushes (Click on […]