Brush Types

High Quality Custom Industrial Brushes Are An Integral Component Of The Production Process

In order to manufacture the best product possible, it takes the best tools. High-quality industrial brushes are often required in the production process to clean, polish, deburr or coat. Cocker-Weber custom industrial brushes will satisfy the demands of the most quality-conscious manufacturer.

The standard brush types include cylinder, wheel, disk, flat (handle) and cup. The fill material can be synthetics such as polypropylene, nylon, metals like bronze, brass, natural hairs including horsehair, goat hair, boars bristle, and carbon or some other material, depending on the application.

Cylinder Brushes

Cylinder brushes are manufactured to an exact specification to fulfill a particular need for a continuous brushing action. The core is usually a single piece with an arbor hole. At times, the core may be split and then fastened together. The bristles are stapled or glued into holes drilled into the core. The applications for cylinder brushes are tremendously varied. Some of the applications for cylinder brushes include debris removal, material transporting, conveyor belt and chain cleaning, positioning products, lint removal, as well as washing fruits and vegetables.

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Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes are manufactured to precisely fill the customer’s need for straight line brushing action. They are commonly used for surface finishing, in cleaning and polishing operations, removing paint or rust, and deburring or blending welds.

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Disk Brushes

Disk brushes are designed for abrasive, deburring, and cleaning operations. The circular shape effectively applies the brushing action to a flat surface.

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Cup and End Brushes

Cup and end brushes can be considered small disk brushes. They are able to reach those hard-to-reach areas. Softer bristles are used for polishing and cleaning.

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Tufted Strip and Plate

We supply replacement strip brushes and we produce cylinder brushes for pharmaceutical packaging machines, including C.E. King and others.

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