Tufted strip and plate brushes serve various purposes in manufacturing and packaging processes. Tufted brushes are used to sort, move, and position goods as well as to in reduce damage to products, such as fruit washing and pharmaceutical packaging . Tufted brushes and plate brushes also are used to create conductive and non-conductive environments and to clean and protect machinery.

The core of a tufted brush is typically made of plastic or wood with drilled holes designed to hold the bristles. The bristles are groups of filaments held in place by staples, wires, or epoxies. While the core and bristles are the main components of a tufted brush, bristle shapes and brush types can be customized to fit numerous applications.

Types of Tufted Strip & Plate Brushes Available

Tufted Strip Brush
At Cocker Weber, we have more than 125 years of manufacturing tufted strip and plate brushes and can create a custom solution to meet the specifications of our customer’s unique application. While a tufted brush or plate brush can have various shapes, sizes, and types of filaments, there are three basic construction methods.

Staple setting

This technique involves pressing the bristles into the core’s pre-drilled holes and securing them in place with steel staples driven into the core. A range of customization options is available for staple-set brushes, including the filament material, tuft pattern, tuft size, and brush shape.

Epoxy setting

This type of brush construction uses epoxy to form the bond between the bristles and the core. Like the staple setting technique, the groups of bristles are forced into pre-drilled holes under pressure. Epoxy resin is then used to hold them in place to form a secure, sterilizable brush. Epoxy setting requires precision work usually done manually, resulting in higher production costs.

Wire drawing

Wire drawing or drawn-in-wire brushes are made by sewing the brush filaments into place with metal wire or nylon cable. This method involves tying the wire or cable around the middle of the bristle and bending it in half. The wire and bend point is then drawn through the core’s pre-drilled holes and secured with a knot to lock the tuft into place. Wire drawing is an extremely secure method of attaching the filament tuft to the core and requires extensive labor as each tuft must be individually placed and secured. Due to the amount of labor involved, and the skill required, wire drawing is usually more expensive than other methods.

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Tufted Strip & Plate Brush Capabilities

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At Cocker Weber, we provide our clients with tufted strip and plate brushes manufactured to various standard and custom specifications. We offer brushes from 1/2 in. to any length required, and widths from 1/4 in. to 18 in. Plate brushes can be assembled in fields to cover larger areas. We make tufted brushes and plate brushes constructed with staple set, epoxy set, and wiredrawn methods.

The quality and design of our brushes makes them suitable for applications like machine cleaning, moving, sorting, protecting, and non-conductive and conductive needs. We serve many industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Carpet
  • Ceramics
  • Conveyors
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Food and beverage
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Labeling
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing
  • Sorting machinery

At Cocker Weber, we have the ability to create custom brushes to fit your exact specifications. Our base material options include hardwood, leather, rubber, and plastic, including acetyl, nylon, PVC, and UHMW.

Our fill material options include:

  • Metals:brass, bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel
  • Natural fibers: Chungking bristle, white boar bristle, horsehair, goat, and other animal hairs, as well as tampico
  • Synthetics: nylon, anti-static nylon, PVC, polyethylene, and styrene

Tufted Strip & Plate Brushes at Cocker Weber

MultiRow Tufted Strip Brush
At Cocker-Weber, we have the knowledge and skill needed to create the brush you need to fill nearly any application. We can create the type of brush you require, regardless of trim shape or construction method. Our team of experts can help create a custom solution designed to meet the specifications of your unique application. To request a quote or learn more about the tufted brushes and plate brushes we offer at Cocker-Weber, contact us today.