Brushes are a mainstay of many industries, facilitating processes from cleaning to coating. At Cocker-Weber, we cater to clients from nearly every sector, manufacturing high-quality brushes of all shapes and sizes to suit a broad range of applications.


Common Industrial Brush Applications

The applications for industrial brushes are broad and varied. Some of the most common uses include:

Automation and Industrial Machinery

Manufacturing equipment needs brushes to support many processes, such as guarding, sorting, finishing, coating, and more. Brushes frequently used in manufacturing environments include:

Other types of brushes that may be useful in manufacturing operations may include:

Bakery and Food Processing

Our bakery and food processing clients rely on brushes to remove conveyor belt debris, separate ingredients and perform other maintenance processes. In general, food-related applications of this type are best served by Tampico and offset cylinder brushes or micro cup nozzle brushes.

Dental Laboratory

Dental hygienists need special brushes to clean sensitive dental apparatuses. We offer dental washout brushes and dental wheel brushes to allow for thorough sanitation in dental environments.


Brushes are ubiquitous in the electronics industry, as they are used to clean, polish, or deburr electronic components themselves, or to transport materials within household electronic appliances and devices. Our non-metallic disk brushes, brass contact brushes, and tape drive brushes are well-suited to electronics applications. Horse-hair brushes are also valuable for their antistatic properties.

Glass and Ceramics

Soft horse-hair brushes are ideally suited for polishing glass products without scratching delicate surfaces. Abrasive disk brushes can also be useful earlier on in glass or ceramics processing for shaping edges.

Jewelry and Silversmithing

We pride ourselves on offering some of the finest, most durable jewelry polishing brushes on the market. Our jeweler’s brushes are specially crafted to protect precious metals while providing an irresistible shine. This product line includes:

Labeling and Packaging

Certain brushes can be used to smoothly and consistently apply labels to packaging. For such applications, we recommend:

We also offer angled row pill feeder cylinder brushes for efficient sorting during the packaging process. A variety of other cylinder brushes are frequently used for transporting and sorting products on conveyors during packaging operations.

Leather Goods and Shoemaking

Our horse-hair brushes are ideal for cleaning and polishing delicate leather goods.


For maintenance of smaller pipelines, we offer an abrasive small pipeline pig cylinder brush.

Printing and Lithography

Brushes are a key component of offset printing and lithography machinery. This equipment frequently relies on:


We have experience with specialty sports brushes, including:

More Industrial Brush Applications

There are far more applications where specialty brushes are required, spanning industries such as:

  • Watchmaking
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Metallurgy
  • Optical
  • Plastics
  • Sanitation

If your industry uses a brush, Cocker-Weber can almost certainly meet your needs for superior-quality goods and personal customer service.

Getting the Right Brush for Your Application at Cocker-Weber

At Cocker-Weber, we’ll work one-on-one to select the perfect combination of fill, shape, and construction method to meet your needs. We manufacture staple set, epoxy set, and wire-drawn brushes with the following bristle shapes:

  • Flat
  • Angled
  • Convex
  • Step and combination step
  • Double bevel

Whether you require a simple flat brush or a complex shape that conforms to a specific surface, we can provide a brush to suit your operational needs. We can also create brushes for specialized industrial applications, including cylinder, wheel, and disk brush designs. Our extensive bristle material offerings include various types of hairs, metals, and synthetic fibers, so you can be assured that your brush works perfectly for your application. We’ve spent decades as an industry leader in the brush-making space and we’re ready to bring that expertise to your project. Request more information today to learn how our brushes can improve your operation.