Cocker-Weber Brush Company specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality custom brushes for industrial purposes. True to our reputation for excellence and precision, we have recently expanded our capabilities by acquiring a customized Zahoransky Z-Lion machine. This machine is specifically designed for creating industrial brushes and has allowed us to automate our five-axis systems.

What Is the Zahoransky Z-Lion Machine?

The Zahoransky Z-Lion machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that creates brushes with five axes of motion. This technology is particularly useful for projects that require the filament to reach beyond the brush cylinder/wheel or flat portion.

The machine is also equipped with two carriages, one for flat brushes and the other for cylinder/wheel brushes. Here are the two manufacturing processes that the two carriages can optimize:


Drilling creates holes in wooden or plastic handles that will later be used to attach the bristles of the brush. This process is crucial in producing industrial brushes, as it allows for properly securing the strands to the handle. Moreover, it can be done manually or with automated equipment, depending on the volume of production and the precision required.


Tufting inserts bristles or filaments into pre-drilled holes on an industrial brush base, such as a wooden or plastic handle. It is usually done with automated equipment — like the Zahoransky Z-Lion machine — allowing for creating brushes with five axes of motion. In addition, the process determines the density and arrangement of the bristles, affecting the final product’s functionality and quality.

Benefits of Utilizing the Zahoransky Z-Lion Machine

The recent acquisition of a customized machine has expanded our capabilities in manufacturing brushes. We can now deliver your custom brushes with angled tufts faster than before. This cutting-edge equipment offers several benefits for the production of industrial brushes, including the following:

Automated Five-Axis Brushes

The Z-Lion machine allows for the creation of brushes with five axes of motion, which results in precise and efficient tufting. This feature also enables the production of brushes with flared ends. Additionally, it makes it particularly useful for industrial brushes that will be used for cleaning, oiling, and other applications.

Versatility in Filament Types

The machine handles all filament types, including wire, plastic, natural fiber, and hair. The filaments can also range from a very fine 0.003” up to 0.060”. This allows us to provide our customers with various brush options for their applications.

Time-Saving Capability

One of the most advantageous features of the machine is its capability to run large orders quickly.  When the necessary materials are available, turnaround times are typically only 2 weeks.  Moreover, this feature is particularly useful for customers requiring bulk industrial brushes and on a tight deadline.

Flexibility in Job Orders

The machine gives us more flexibility in the jobs we take on. This allows us to offer faster delivery times while manufacturing brushes with flared ends more efficiently. This flexibility also enables us to work on projects that require the filament to reach beyond the brush cylinder/wheel or flat portion. This includes pharmacy conveyor line brushes, lithographic printing press brushes, chain oiling brushes, hair brushes and any other brushes using angled tufts.

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The Zahoransky Z-Lion machine is a valuable addition to our production capabilities and reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality industrial brushes! You can choose from our extensive industrial products, including cylinder and wheel brushes, cup and end brushes, and flat and handle brushes.

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