Wheel brushes allow manufacturers to create finishes that embellish the appearance of gems, metals, and other materials. These devices are valued by artisans and craftsmen for their ability to customize materials to fit their vision. Professionals can choose from a variety of wheel brushes and polishing wheels to achieve the look they want. For jewelry manufacturers, polishing wheel brushes are an integral part of the production process.

Wheel Brush Qualities and Applications

Wheel brushes are circular devices that attach to automated machine components. Rotary mechanisms control the speed of the brushes’ motion as they turn around a secured axis. This allows manufacturers to systematically strip away layers of materials to create cuts, patterns, designs, and special finishes. Some common applications for wheel brushes include:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Deburring
  • Rust removal
  • Surface finishing
  • Weld blending
Polishing Wheel Brushes
Polishing Wheel Brushes

A variety of wheel brush designs exist that allow manufacturers to create specialized effects on the surface of their chosen medium. Size and format determine achievable results. The tiny bristles that surround the brush’s outer edge are made from a range of materials to fit their intended purpose. Some of these include:

  • Nylon filament
  • Brass filament
  • Stainless steel wire filament
  • Chungking bristle filament
  • Tampico filament

In jewelry making, wheel brushes help artists create cuts, polish stones, and blur away imperfections with both high speed and accuracy.

Polishing Wheel Brushes

Choosing the Best Polishing Wheel Brush

Cocker-Weber, a producer of high-quality wheel brushes and other devices used in industrial manufacturing processes, offers two lines of products geared specifically for those in the jewelry-making industry. Artisans and craftsmen enjoy the superior quality product line, as these tools help them craft exquisite and unique designs. For those who need value as well as precision, the standard quality line produces similar results with a more cost-effective material. Both product lines are made with Chungking bristles, which are known for being durable and effective. Our jeweler’s polishing wheel brush catalog includes:

These brush types are available with a 1-7/8 inch, 1-1/2″ or 1-1/4 inch hard maple hub and various trim sizes. Choose the size based on your product dimensions.

Brush Filling Options

Various filament options allow artisans to further control the look of their finished products.

  • Chungking bristles used in the early stages of polishing help heavily corrosive compounds, like Tripoli, to work more efficiently.

Polishing Wheel Brushes

  • Stainless steel wire bristles are subtle for satin finishing softer materials like white gold, silver, and aluminum.

Polishing Wheel Brushes

  • Brass wire wheel filling delivers a fine grade of polishing to gold, brass, and copper.

Polishing Wheel Brushes

Polishing Wheel Brushes

Bristle type is chosen based on the desired end result and the materials used during production.

Chungking Brushes

Our superior line of polishing brushes contain the highest quality bristles known as “Chungking Bristle”. Favored by craftsmen and artisans around the world, Chungking brushes are tightly bound bristles that are mounted into the hardwood hubs. They ensure a longer lifespan as well as a much higher quality polishing finish when all is said and done. 

Due to the rise in popularity, many fake duplicates have presented themselves over the years under a variety of different label names — including the Cocker-Weber brand itself. These fake brushes are often much lower in quality and construction — so much so that they often break after just one accelerated minute of wear (10,000 RPM at just 1-pound of pressure.) To make sure you’re getting the most out of your polishing brushes, make sure to contact Cocker-Weber directly!

Custom Wheel Brushes From Cocker-Weber

Cocker-Weber Brush Company produces variety of brushes for industrial applications. Our line of jeweler’s tools includes a range of trim sizes, bristle materials, and hub materials. Whether you’re looking to buy on a budget or demand the most superior quality results, our catalog contains the solution to your jewelry production problems. Contact us directly for a Jewelry Tool Distributor who can supply you with Cocker-Weber wheel brushes.