Jewelers Polishing

Econ-Wheel-mix Polish faster with less effort and less labor. Use fewer brushes. Save time and money. We are the producer of the worlds finest lathe mounted polishing brushes. These brushes are used by jewelers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, watchmakers, fine hardware manufacturers, artisans and workers of soft and precious metals. A large number of sizes and bristle lengths are available. Cocker-Weber manufactures two lines of jeweler’s polishing wheel brushes. Our superior line contains the highest quality extra stiff Chungking bristle. These brushes are favored by craftsman and artisans. These are the most durable brushes outlasting all others, thus being the most cost efficient. The standard line uses good quality stiff Chungking bristle. Wheel brushes have a ¼” diameter arbor hole. All brushes are made in America. We do not import brushes nor do we relabel brushes. We guarantee every brush we produce.

Types of Jewelers Polishing Brushes

Jewelers Polishing Wheel Brushes
Jewelers polishing wheel brushes
Washout and Bench Jewelers Polishing Brushes
Jewelers Washout and Bench Brushes
End Jewelers Polishing Brushes
End jewelers polishing brushes