Industrial Brushes

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We produce Industrial brushes in many sizes and many bristle material in various patterns. Brushes are used to clean, polish, deburr or coat an endless array of products. These brushes are typically made in staple set fashion.

Stapled brushes offer the designer a broader range of individual design options than any other brush style. Staple set brushes consist of tufts of filaments stapled into a drilled or molded hole. The block can be any material that can be penetrated with a staple and firm enough to hold the staple in place.

Stapled set brushes are made with a variety of hole or tuft patterns to obtain the desired brush density and brushing effect. Hole patterns can be made with virtually any brush pattern. The function of the brush application and fill material size determines the density and size of the tuft holes.

Brushes can also be made with the tufts hand tied or glued into place. Hole patterns, hole density and materials are determined by the application. Possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Core or base materials are made of a hard wood or plastic. Common types of plastics used are PVC, delrin, high-density polyethylene, UHMW, ABS and polypropylene.

We build custom brushes for:algae sweeps, printing presses, glass polishing, packaging, labeling, printed circuit production, concrete texturing, hair processing (salon), metal finishing, material handling,food processing, golf ball/club cleaning, textile manufacturing, carpet tufting and many other uses.

Brushes can be used in industrial processes to control static and to conduct electrical charges.  We build brushes for both purposes.

Note: To stiffen a brush, shorten the trim length or use a larger diameter bristle. By stiffening the bristles of a brush, its cutting action will be increased. To lengthen the life of a brush, use the softest bristle material appropriate for the job.

Our refurbishing service restores your brushes to NEW condition. OEM rebuilds and replacements.

Our brush construction chart shows you how to specify brushes by their unique characteristics.

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